As the multi-tasking director of "The Center", she oversees the investigation of paranormal activities throughout the world. Martin's amazing capabilities make him one of M.O.M.'s favorite agents - i.e. if "favorite" is meant by the agent that she least likes to have appear in her office. Her real name is unknown, though she has used the alias Ms. Olivia Mandell in episode "Web Of The Spider Creature," which is derived from her initials of M.O.M. Before working at the center, she used to drive an ice cream truck. Serious and uncompromising, she has to deal with Martin blowing up just about every piece of gadgetry she is working on whenever he appears for a debriefing in her office which was a running gag until season 3. Despite her typically dry sense of humor, she is actually quite- as Billy says- "a real party animal"- which is seen in some pictures Billy shows Martin that M.O.M. parties like the drunk chick at the party. When she was an agent, her first ever creature captured was Gastromo, a parasitic, iron eating monster who infects and controls those he touches. In the crossover episode of Totally Spies! titled "Totally Mystery Much?", M.O.M. is shown to have a history with the spies' boss Jerry that appears to have romantic overturns much to the spies and Martin's displeasure as she and Jerry spy-flirt in front of Alex and Martin. The initials M.O.M. are said to stand for "Mystery Organization Manager" as explained by Martin in "Totally Mystery Much?". M.O.M. is voiced by Teryl Rothery. (Ms. Olivia Mandale)

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