Jenni anderson

Jennifer "Jenni" Anderson is best friends with Diana Lombard. And sometimes, talk about Martin. Martin's constant and unrequited love interest. Her view of Martin is generally not very flattering: this includes "immature", "freak", or "loser". Jenni is also one of the prettiest and most popular girls attending Torrington, her appearance being that of blue eyes, flared auburn-colored hair, black blouse and skirt, a purple belt, and purple knee-high boots. Though, Jenni usually sees Martin as a "brat", there have been times where she is actually interested pursuing a relationship in him- when Martin acts like a gentleman. Unfortunately for Martin, though, it never lasts, because her mind is erased of what ever happened, or Martin does something stupid, or Jenni moves for a semester, or some other similar incident occurs.  Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

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